Choose how to match the appliances to furnishings is not something simple or obvious. It is true that an appliance is first of all a set and, as such, it must be primarily functional. However, the eye wants its part and it is therefore appropriate to focus on solutions that are in perfect harmony with the style of the room you will occupy.
Here, then, a few simple tips to keep in mind when you are about to buy a new appliance.

The first feature that catches the eye is the color. The white goods, while not capturing the most popular option, nevertheless play a prominent place. These blend perfectly with furniture of the same color, making it less noticeable in the room. Alternatively, combined with very dark colors, they can offer a striking contrast and add a touch of light environment. The appliances blacks have a much more elegant look, however, are likely to make the room very dark. Are to be taken into account if in their decor there is dark wood furniture or painted with blacks such as appliances go wonderfully. Any help mirrored glass finishes, then dampen the tone.


The stainless steel appliances are currently the most popular choice. The secret of their success is that they fit well in almost any style: perfect combined with white furniture or lacquered, complement each other perfectly complements also in wood of any hue, tastefully completing both a classic and modern. However, we can not subtract from the address to the reader a warning: the stainless steel appliances are more difficult to maintain and require constant cleaning in order to maintain their free surface smudges or fingerprints.

Do not forget, then, the question of the color gradation. Just as with clothing, also in furnishing a type of black can often be different. Much the same for stainless steel, whose tone, based on the percentage of its constituents, it may appear more or less hot. Who is looking for a perfect match to finish, therefore, should focus on devices made ​​by the same manufacturer. Among other things, choose appliances of the same brand is also often cheaper, owing to the discounts applied by many manufacturers, purchasing more pieces .