Furnishing a home means to say to field all their own ideas. They may be based on their tastes, the fashion of the moment or of functional choices. Usually the first choice always falls on the color of the individual walls of the various rooms of the house. Let’s see how you can match the color of the walls to the furniture.

Choose the color suitable for the walls of the different environments is crucial. The light colors are preferred for those devoted to tasks that require a certain concentration and a certain effort, while dark colors can be used in any place where you do not play any demanding task. There are those who prefer shade and clear those dark ones, but you can easily do a mix of colors within your home by adapting all its furniture.


Just as the combinations involving different clothing or accessories, even furniture can be well matched to the walls. The key thing to remember is that you should always make the colors and of course you should not go out of tune associating colors are not harmonious with each other. If you have a dark wall is preferable to position yourself the bright furniture. For example, if the wall is red or burgundy would be preferred furniture or white sofas or cream. The contrast that would be created facilitate both the environment and the furniture.

Another classic combination provides dark furniture on white background If you decide, however, to play more with the colors of the solutions you can take really original. Playing with the colors of Wall and furniture makes your home much more personal The use of sand-colored hue with furniture orange or lilac shade is really interesting if you follow the chromatic scale, combinations could be endless The green one could match with the ‘ blue, pink to white and yellow to brown.

When you already have the furniture may seem difficult to choose a different hue with light shades like white or sand, but it is not. Just keep in mind the color wheel, or disc Itten, to realize how a simple color can create different ideas for the decor. Once you have viewed the possible choices just choose the best and most suitable combination to create a unique, original, personal, and especially that meets your tastes.