We introduce in the home, including the TV and the slalom of furniture we focus on where our feet are supported: a good floors, and joints between different nuances and sometimes exhibit bizarre. Knock on your door looking for a style unison that allows to reconcile the right choices . We will see how to match doors and floors according to the rules and detailed arrangements . Find out how.

As a first rule: avoid strong color contrasts. Try to harmonize the environment by creating a right relationship. Better not to post two shades of color between the door and floors to avoid the risk of feeding up. There is however no fixed rule. If you need a unique and personal style, which will give a strong charge, dare with colors and with strong detachments.

If you want to convey the idea that responds to the intensity of heat, no doubt your choice will be directed to a dark tone. Ideal for a rustic from the red hues that lends itself well to the involvement of walnut doors.


For a minimalist decor need to rely on a pickled or bleached oak flooring very appealing pure and simple. Tying him with clear lacquered doors can create a bright, non-invasive and no less refined.

If the idea is to have recourse to an ethnic or Jatoba parquet teak. Venture with dark wedge doors is a trendy choice that could still revel. Otherwise, not to disturb too much together, again the advice is the choice of doors white lacquered.

A naturalist interest may push you towards a parquet bamboo, Eco-friendly in full respect of nature. Ideal of a neutral color for the doors, consonant and short detachment, or the choice of white doors, dark brown instead for the more daring.

The essence of contemporary Wenge located in a new and excellent candidate. If chosen for parquet highly recommend to express the contrast with the doors so as to illuminate the rest of the house and at the same time honoring and put the spotlight on the dark tones of your floor. White lacquered therefore appropriate as a co-star.

The true home is a place open to the world, not jealously and morbidly closed in on itself. It should look after her and make a nest in which to live in the comfort and enjoy the ‘aesthetics. Knocking at your door, open it and follow your floor will be a daily act of pleasure.