The tents are curled the type of tent to house more widespread. Their beauty lies in the fact that in practice can be matched to any kind of style, of course with due care . The peculiarities that make it more appropriate to one or another type of furniture is in the choice of fabrics, colors and patterns, and also the accessories such as the type of support chosen and stops curtains. So let’s see how it is possible to combine the draped curtains furnishings, case by case.

In general, keep in mind that darker shades will give the idea that the room is smaller, while light colors give the impression that the room is bigger. As for the fantasy that decorate the fabric, we consider that the drawings and prints in large grounds, give the impression of moving forward, thus reducing the depth and making it seem once again the smallest room. For fantasies minute or tissue that is solid rather the opposite.

In a setting decorated with classic taste, the curtains are ideal ones with folds and curls very abundant . Sumptuous fabrics such as brocades or damasks will be perfect to embellish the decor of a home from the great outdoors. If the dimensions are more contained, it is advisable to choose lighter fabrics such as linen, viscose or the raw silk. In this way we will have a greater passage of light that will not make a somber environment from confined spaces. The draped curtains in a classic style can be decorated with tassels and cords and better match sticks made ​​of brass.


In environments in country style, you can opt to curl more or less rich, here we can follow our personal taste Cotton is the preferred fabric, preferably colored, squared or fantasies of type country, country-style precisely. For clubs are the ideal ones wrought iron or wood to a modern style, where we clean lines, wrinkles the tent must be at least once, the lightweight fabric and the attachment we opt for sticks in steel or even choose the thin cables, also in steel, whose presence will be barely noticeable.