Generally, furnishing you tend to decorate the rooms in a specific style: the much sought after modern style by young people; loved by more mature people the classic style , the Provencal or the Romantic Shabby Chic. Less used, but to great effect, the high-tech style, sometimes slightly futuristic. We can say that, if as a basic rule it is good to stick to a general style and not create too many contrasts, both colors and shapes, sometimes break the mold and create combinations that marry well together, despite the different style, not bad.

In modern furnishings, both lacquered and polished and dyed, using the warm tones of natural wood (ash which is light in color, that dark) can be included in all tranquility, some other element, perhaps in style , as the sessions: small armchairs or sofas will be suitable for every context. I remind you that a number of brands in the industry have produced furniture in silver, black, gold (modern colors) which are dated retro lines, if not antique. Considering this type of coupling between color modern and ancient style, which as a whole is pleasant, we can evaluate from time to time in the context of what is good and what is, however, completely out of place.


Not only are the individual sessions or in pairs to combine well decorated in a different style, but also small tables to be inserted into living rooms, studies or admissions made ​​in an artistic way, such as mosaic tables, mirrors or any other items of minimum task for their aesthetic beauty can fit a little ‘everywhere, taking caution as the attention of make matching color. If you achieve a modern bathroom in blue and white, you can easily insert a mirror mosaic.

Same goes for what concerns the ethnic style, evocative of course, along with that classic or rustic Many of these pieces of furniture while preserving history, tradition, and different lines can penetrate each other in a harmonious way. A beautiful ethnic will be very comfortable sofa in a living room furnished in dark walnut, mahogany or rosewood fingerboard , with classic furniture or rustic Similarly we enter, in the same context, the small bamboo furniture or maybe a modern element as a small desk lacquered red color, In furnishing classic walnut, finds its rightful place As for lighting the watchword is: do you dare! Choose what is beautiful, according to the rules adopted for the other points of light.