In this guide I will explain, trying to be as clear as possible, such as taking measures for curtains, adapting perfectly to the size of the windows, considering both the width and the length of the same. To get a better result, you will need to proceed with extreme care and precision; That’s why you’ll have to prefer a motor drive to the traditional, as the latter in this type of work is the most simple and effective to use. Let us now see how to measure for curtains in case you want a tent for a classic window.

In the first case, with the meter disk, measure the width of the window from the inside of its frame and proceeding from side to side; then passed to measure the length, adding 4 to 6 cm on both sides in order to create space for the edges. If you want the curtains of the window is longer, you can place the meter at 8-10 cm above the upper edge of the frame and run it from there. Write down everything in a notebook or a spreadsheet to do the project and then be able to change in the course of processing, according to your space and your needs.


If you need a curtain for a door, you will need to add 4-5 inches to the total height of the frame for the body of drapery and 3-4 cm in order to achieve the lower edge. Once you have sewn the base, measure the length of the sheet, positioning it on the stick anchor and spreading it to the whole amount of fabric you want, so you have an idea of the end result that you are going to get. The distance from the door should be 10 cm longer than the box containing the shutter to prevent the awning tears or gets stuck when opening the door. Keep in mind that if you use lightweight voile fabrics, you should leave a few extra inches for the drapery, in order to create a nice effect of lightness, as if the fabric is heavier, you should not exceed under any measure, or will have on the contrary an effect of heaviness and overload.

When measuring you must always bear in mind that with future washes, especially if the materials are not of natural fibers such as cotton or linen, they will tend to shrink and shrink. In this case, add 3-4 cm per linear meter to prevent this. If you want to finally make a curtain wall, the final length should be evaluated so that we can raise the soil about 3 cm.