In this practical guide will explain the procedure to fit a shoe and thus save money and space. The work is very simple and requires some attention during the various stages. However, if you follow these steps for good, surely be able to get a good result.

First you have to decide the space where you’ll place the new shoe, to see if you have enough. Note that each pair of shoes, it will need a section of about 6 inches high x 8 inches wide x 12 inches deep . You can still hold by way of example, these measures: three axes for the various shelves of 1.50 meters long and 50 cm wide, plus two additional pieces of 75 cm to 50 cm each and three other pieces from 80 cm to 50 cm. Choose the colors of the axes that best match the surrounding environment. If you have for example a hardwood floor or laminate in the colors of oak, opt for a cherry or ash.

Begins to mount the shoe starting from the hips. Put them face down, resting them on a flat surface. Add these to the bottom plane, fixing it with screws interlocking. Check that the holes have been made ​​properly, trying to insert a portion of the steel rails of the shelf. I would recommend using a bit small. Go into the holes to insert the plugs with the help of a light blow hammer. Keep in mind that the depth of the wooden boards, must be at least one centimeter more than that of shoes larger.


Now that the skeleton of the shoe has been formed, you must add the shelves, fixing them to the two walls by means of supports of plastic or metal the extent necessary. At this point, you have four axes to form a frame, making two holes at their ends with a power drill. In the post holes of the wooden dowels to support the weight of the strips. Now you can proceed to enter the other pillars of the structure, again by means of screws. If you want, also measures to mount the additional axes that will serve as doors to close the shoe, but having this beautiful structure under Swedish wood, he’ll be fine without doors. Smooths finally the whole surface with sandpaper and if you like the idea, colors and painted with a nice shade your new shoe.