You often have to do small jobs at home, some of which may represent insurmountable obstacles, especially if you are not in the trade. But, following step by step simple instructions, you can achieve the desired purpose without particular difficulties. To install a wooden staircase functional, and above all safe, you must observe certain guidelines. The type of material of choice is a primary consideration; scales have been built with a variety of materials over the years, but those of wood remain the most common. Here are some tips on how to mount a wooden staircase.

The first step for mounting a wooden staircase regards the fixing of the sleepers , which are the pieces of the frame of the scales themselves. They are usually in the form of a serrated blade with cuts angled at 90 degrees, which form the space for the insertion of the treads and risers. The cross beams can also be derived from wood planks unused.


If the scale has to be mounted against a wall, fix the flat end of a side of the crossbar against the intersection of the wall in which the scale shall be commenced, while the other side must be fixed against the wall along which the scale will be mounted. Fix this side of the cross to the wall with nails using a hammer. The other cross member to be mounted against the wall where the stairs will have to start, with an angle of 90 degrees. The two beams must be reinforced on all their width, vertically relative to the floor. Once installed crossbars, you can now allegarci the treads and risers.

The installation of the treads and risers is quite easy at first cut steps following the same measure of the width of the cross, then mount the first step on the bottom of the crossbar, pushing it flush against the crossbar same. Use of nails from 2 inches and push them across the board and in the cross. Now measure the distance between the bar and the top edge of the first step Cut the second step following the same steps of first and mount it at the same distance there is between the first step and the cross Then repeat the same process for each step up to the upper crossbar Good work!