After the phase “critical” for the choice of interior curtains, the only thing that remains to be done to give that extra touch to our decor is certainly to proceed to their location. In many cases it is believed that this is a complicated and that tends to take away a lot of time. Not so. Install the interior curtains is much easier than you might think. Let’s see, within this guide, how to proceed in the different phases.

Buy everything you need inside of any store specializing in furnishing the house, we start with the assembly phase itself. The first thing to do is place the stick for tents. Among all the operations, this is certainly the one for which employ more time. Since the stick generally has a total of 3 brackets, take a pencil and start to score points on the wall where we will drill the holes. Contrary to what you usually begin to consider the space available to us from the ceiling. Let between this and the “imaginary line” on which will locate the holes elapse at least 20 cm.


We start about a few inches from the beginning and a few inches from the end of the window. We mark the points with a pencil. Similarly let us mark also the central point, located right in the center of the window. Since the brackets are “bind” to the wall by means of two screws (and not only one) take the measure and under the previous practice we will also indicate where the second row of holes. Pierce using the drill. Take the fisher plastic and helping with the hammer insertions in the holes just drilled.

Proceed with mounting brackets, fixing them firmly with the screws We position the rod so that its ends protrude from the side brackets for at least twenty centimeters We set, then, the screws Consider, now, to fix the hooks door curtain Depending on the height of the same, let us mark the spot where a hole, insert the fisher and proceed to screw the door curtain (of course I will put two on each side) remember that At the end of the process of screwing (which we can conclude quietly with his hands), the hooks should be facing upward Positioned only rings on the stick, we put the tent and insert the lines within each side hook With phase draping we basically ended up the tent interior.