The moment you build a house, the spaces are divided according to the use that will be made. The kitchen, the salon , the room from bed and the bathroom are the rooms that can not miss, but very often have a utility room can really prove helpful. Let’s see together as you can derive a utility room by spaces already existing and where it would be better place it.

Having a utility room is very useful to store the objects that we do not use, daily, or for position yourself of the household appliances, like a washing machine and a freezer . There are those who uses it as the pantry, those who such as laundry and those who as wardrobe. Having this space in more inside the home is needed to preserve a things that otherwise not you would know where to put. The spaces that can accommodate of the storage space are indeed many and enough to reflect well for observe that every corner if well exploited lends itself to this use .


In the case of a quite big house , if you has a room that is not used you could turn into a storeroom. Rather than maintain it empty it is appropriate exploit it in this way. Typing in of the shelves or can of household appliances you can create a area where to fix in the maximum freedom everything that is not must be at your fingertips around for the home. In the case of smaller houses, you can exploit the indentations of the walls. If there are of the niches, simply closing them with of the branches and putting you within of the shelves, we can obtain a functional utility room .

Inside a room of large dimensions , you can create a corner with of the plasterboard walls. The rooms can welcome inside them a small environment of a few square meters to use as closet. This is an excellent and practice solution that you can put into practice in every unused room fully in all its parts The corridor should not be underestimated In many homes the amplitude of the corridor or of the atrium is remarkable and being only a zone of passage this space is not well exploited Create a utility room that can serve as wardrobe is a practical idea Very often you do not know where to put the coats and the bags and in this way the problem would no longer exist.

When the spaces are really probably too low to to make changes, we must not despair. In trade you will find many furniture predisposed for be used as closets. You can choose that of the measure most appropriate to their needs and to install into area of the house that more lends itself to accommodate him. In this way it really is possible be able to derive a utility room in every type of environment .