All modern kitchens now have a hood . It is a very useful accessory because it allows to eliminate all the odors coming from the use of the kitchen. Also aspires also smoke in excess when pots and pans are in stock. To make it work to its full potential , we must take good care of. A proper maintenance will ensure that the hood will always be efficient. In this guide we will see how to optimize the use of the kitchen hood .

kitchen hood

The first rule to optimize the use of the hood is frequently clean the filters . The hood can be of two types, filtering or ducting. The first is installed in an environment where there is no discharge to the outside. Inside the filter hood there are substances that clean the air and the call into the environment. The hood instead, cleans the air coming from the stove and sends it to the outside through special tubes . If we clean the filters often, the hood will absorb more efficiently odors and fumes.

Generally it is best to clean the filters once a month. We can safely wash them in the dishwasher, or we can do it manually with a mild soap. In any case, we take into consideration the idea of changing the filters of the hood. In fact not just always clean only! If it is the hood that we have in the kitchen of our house, we just replace them every two or three months. If the hood is in the kitchen of a restaurant, we have to change the filters more often. In fact more time the hood is on, the faster you will exhaust filters.

A manual correct hood helps to greatly increase its life and its performance. No need to turn on the hood half-cooked food. But it will be much more useful activate it a few minutes before starting to cook. Also not lagniappe immediately when we finish the use of the kitchen! If we will keep on for another five or ten minutes, the hood will eventually suck all the smoke and smells that we have produced with our cooking pots and pans on the stove. However, it is always advisable to keep even the open kitchen window, when possible. Often not enough suction hood, especially when economic and non-professional. The important thing is to always make a good maintenance , so that our appliance will work in the best way possible and without any unwanted fault.