For those who like to keep fit in spite of the short time available, the cost of an entry in the home gym, a public park too far away where you can go for a run, the idea of creating a corner in the house, dedicated to training and to their physical well-being, it might be a good idea. Let’s see how to organize a home gyms .

The first thing to consider is the space that you have. If you are lucky enough to have a room that you want to fully use to organize your personal gym , there will be no major problems, except those related to the cost of the exercise equipment. In this case there is ever-present between the bike tools, a tool has become a classic and very useful for toning the leg muscles and tone thighs and buttocks.

To train in a harmonious way your body you will also need an exercise equipment to develop and strengthen your arms and abdomen, this is referred to a rowing machine. Already these two tools will allow you to have a good area equipped fitness center, also their footprint is contained.

These two are then only two of the possible equipment suitable for your home gym , one might add, in case you are interested in developing your pectoral muscles and the muscles of the arms, a multi-functional bench for fitness which combine the use of barbell and weights of various sizes.


To create your piece of training , the best thing is that it is well ventilated, even if you do not have much space, you can expect to equip it with a treadmill folding treadmill . If your availability of space and money are not likely to face the spending on exercise bike or treadmill treadmill, know that you can keep yourself in shape at home using, for example, a step by step, another useful tool to keep in shape legs and buttocks , as well as having a low cost, takes up very little space (you can also slide under the bed) and gives great results.

For body weight exercises just a foldable mattress to make it more comfortable to do exercises on the floor, and a jump rope and use it to perform stretching exercises. Then do not forget that there are also those instruments unappreciated, but which enhance physical fitness, such as the ankle or an elastic band to train arms and legs.