The newly built houses, especially in cities , are almost always square footage reduced to the point that at times it seems impossible to try and fit all of your things in spaces such content. Who lives in a small house is forced to learn how to manage and organize everything, maximizing every square inch . With a little imagination and a minimum expenditure is, however, possible to make our cozy little house and practice , without giving up any comfort.

It is first necessary to carefully evaluate each room, trying to understand the weaknesses and strengths of each environment, and consider how to organize everything in a functional manner. On the market there are objects and appliances specifically designed for use in small environments that will try to make the most of all do not forget to give a personal touch.

The bedroom , although small, can contain everything we need. On the market there are comfortable folding beds, inside which you can store boxes with sheets, quilts and all linen for the house that we need, with a considerable saving of space inside the cabinets. The latter can be arranged with boxes of various sizes that may contain from linens to accessories. By coating a box for shoes or a jar of ice cream we will have for objects with a custom and unique and particular style. The cabinet doors shall be sliding and maybe on one of them, you can apply a mirror, further optimizing the space. The bathroom is often one of the rooms of the house more sacrifice, but a washing machine reduced the thickness of the door and objects hung on the walls will help us to stand comfortably all you need. Detergents and cleaning can be stored within a sturdy box, maybe with the wheels, which we can move and manage at will.


In the kitchen there are sure to be of practical help in transparent containers when pouring pasta, rice, cookies and everything that comes to mind, giving orderly atmosphere and family environment. As in all the rooms, the use of the shelves on the walls is essential and will allow us to create new spaces that were not there before. In the living room, as in the bedroom, a sofa with a drawer at the base may contain dvd, remote controls and so on, while tables and furniture should have doors and shelves to support everything that comes to mind. If we have to deal with a room located under the roof, or with sloping ceiling down, we can optimize the less accessible areas occupied them with low-level objects and which are infrequently accessed, such as mobile television.

Organize space in your home, especially if you have to manage small sizes, it may seem complicated and often unsatisfactory With some little ingenuity and a little ‘ creativity and imagination we can transform a small, cramped apartment in a house comfortable, functional and characteristic, giving a special and personal touch that will make it unique.