It is the area usually more experienced of the house, especially if large and spacious; will gather all family members and maybe there is also brings a few friends / a for a snack or a coffee , and chat. Clearly not always a kitchen can be wide, but according to its size space you can arrange arranging the various elements of furniture in the manner best suited, using some tricks to make it still efficient and functional. Here is how to organize the kitchen area .

the kitchen

The kitchenette can occur at an angle, or occupy a recessed area in a niche of the wall , which must be, if the meters are minimized, at least 1.25 meters: 2 modules can be inserted 60 cm, fires and refrigerator below and sink. Pots and miscellaneous tools will be placed in storage units, they can also choose quite high and therefore very spacious. A solution definitely ‘winning’ in small houses, one of the components is “hidden”, contained in a kind of closet.

Who has a cooking area measures too small to accommodate a table, can instead think of separating it from the next by a wall with ‘window’: an opening that overlooks the dining room equipped with a large and practical floor supporting durable material where you will place the food and bottles. If the kitchen is rather small, it is always preferable to choose elements, capable of fully exploiting every little space. Takes a minimum of 1.80 meters, which provide for the tall refrigerator, the sink and the stove. If it is at an angle, the space available for the gear starts to be comfortable and probably also manages to Place on a dishwasher.

If the kitchen is of average size , in addition to the components related to the real kitchen, there is definitely space for a small table maybe leaving one side against the wall. This side may also be hinged and can be used at the time and closed again after use to save space, but in this case is lacking a useful support base, which may possibly still be obtained by applying a shelf.