It happens to everyone sooner or later find themselves coming to terms with its own garage . During the year, we tend to accumulate around and so, usually, when it comes to the change of season , we find ourselves in chaos. Considering that the garage is the place to find everything that does not fit anywhere else, we can easily realize that the first problem to be tackled is to organize the space.

The first step, which is required if you want to get a space really well organized, is to empty everything and make piles of objects, broken down by homogeneous categories, according to their use: shoes, clothes , DIY, holidays etc. Be careful when you do this subdivision : objects, clothes and unused toys for years is unlikely to suddenly be able to return to be useful. Then we reflect seriously on their needs and, perhaps, try to consider the idea that those useless objects for us, they can become useful for others (voluntary associations, collecting used clothes etc..). Lately, in large cities, are catching on stores that sell or exchange goods and used clothing. Try to do a search, maybe on the internet to see if there are in your town and possibly take the opportunity. Maybe, you might think of trading the lamp unused for several years with the necessary shelving for our tidy garage! Once you have selected and divided the goods, we will have an idea of what the area that needs more space: there is, in fact, a general rule, some tend to have many clothes, many other tools. The only thing that is a bit all, when you have children little ones home, is that you must leave a space of their own, for strollers, toys, etc.


Now we look at our garage and we sketch, to scale, which will be useful in case we were to buy racks and shelves, which are necessary to give a place for everything. At this point, comes in your budget. If it is reduced, how could it be given the time, a good solution could be represented by the iron shelving (those from database, for instance), along with the usual big boxes , with the appropriate labels. The important thing is to know in advance how much and what we will need shelving, but if we have done well the previous operation (division of the goods) will have a pretty clear idea of what it needs. Try to use all the space and then, when possible, plan-to-ceiling shelving. At the top, of course, you will put those objects to use infrequently. It ‘a good idea to buy a scale solid, those from database, and keep it close to the shelves to avoid the risk of accidents in the home. A wall can be left free from the shelves and equipped, however, with a metal grid, like the one you see in the picture . On this grid, you can position the hooks, to hang objects from work or bicycles.

Now go to fill the shelves, broken down by categories: a shelf with clothes (obviously, the more space we will have so much more we can do of subcategories, such as winter clothes \ summer, family members etc..), One for shoes (it would be good not to throw the boxes purchase, but using them to store them, with its label) and so on is always the rule to put down the things you use most often and those at the top that we seldom use. If you need to keep in the garage also a pantry (oil, boxes of tomatoes etc..) take care to keep it separate from the rest and if possible in the most ventilated Another tip: do not stubborn to put a box on top of ‘ Another Bear in mind that sooner or later will give up under the weight, and you will only have to buy them back If anything, we immediately spending a few shelves in addition, that will take away the hassle forever get ready then a lot of those type boxes for shoes, to store smaller objects At this point, if you’ve been diligent you’re done Just only put things in the right place after use and there is no need for whole days to reorder.