You know, the space in the house is never enough. Fortunately, the garage turns out to be a valuable ally for those apartments do not own or do not hold large balconies and closets . So then the objects will be used less crammed right in the garage. But how many can say then to be able to easily find something? Often the garage becomes an accumulation of objects, a cluttered warehouse, a support without any minimum organization . In this guide we want to just give you some suggestions on how to properly organize the spaces of the garage and avoid those unpleasant situations of chaos and disorder .

the garage

First, open your garage and start emptying creating piles of objects by dividing them according to the occasion of use: clothing, DIY, memories, linens and gifts. Then you begin to make a selection of what is really worth preserving. Think about their needs and try to consider the idea that we can sell or exchange those items that are unnecessary for us but could serve to someone else. For the occasion may be helpful sites online trading or flea markets increasingly popular in every urban reality. Once selected and divided the goods, we will have an idea of what the sector that needs more space: there is, in fact, a general rule; some tend to have many clothes, many other tools. The only thing that is a bit ‘for all, when you have kids little ones home, is that you have to leave a space of their own, for strollers, toys, small chairs etc.

At this point, we look at our garage bare and begin to create a small project first in our mind and then draw a sketch to scale drawing the position of racks and shelves necessary to give way to everything. If your budget is low you can orient yourself on the racks in iron that are much cheaper. Get also big boxes with appropriate labels and other boxes for smaller items less bulky. If we have done well the previous operation (division of goods) we will have a pretty good idea of what it needs. Try to use all the space and then, when possible, plan-to-ceiling shelving. At the top, of course, those objects stored free of infrequent use. It ‘a good idea to buy a solid scale, the kind of archive, and keep it close to the shelves to avoid the risk of accidents in the home. A wall can be left free from the shelves and equipped, however, with a metal grid.