It is well known that the terracotta floor, has a very special charm, especially if it has the peculiar effect of aging due to the passage of time. The beauty of terracotta undoubtedly, can be preserved and improved by using small and simple tricks in its maintenance in order to keep its beauty intact. If you are interested in finding out how to paint the floor tiles themselves, follow this guide carefully.

The first step to return to cooked that shine forever lost, you proceed with the purchase of materials needed to perform maintenance regularly. Keep in mind that the paints currently on the market, contain within their specific composition of polishes, which also allow you to create a perfect job without making or mixing various dosages, while allowing you to choose between different types of features (paint Scratch-resistant, waterproof and so on). However, in this case, between a multitude of products you should choose the paint c. D matt polyurethane (generally used for wood) and a preference for terracotta paint a totally transparent (devoid of color, to be used only for polishing and coloring). Provide also to buy a brush, medium / hard. The tools mentioned above, can be obtained from a common hardware.


The brush, of course, serve to spread the paint evenly. Will be sufficient to apply a first coat of paint rather diluted. The second pass, can be carried out using the product in a less diluted (up to the third final pass, much more substantial).

The transition must take place with a regular paint brush, starting from a corner of the floor to the opposite corner, and then proceeding to repeat the same operation for the successive phases. Finally, remember that in order to preserve the cooked very well over time, it needs as well as proper maintenance, even the use of specific products for daily cleaning (which should never be neglected). At a shopping mall, therefore, you can buy detergents specially created to maintain its characteristics.