Paint a railing is a very easy job to do, within the reach of all really, does not require use of objects difficult to find on the market and in my opinion can be a fun activity to do with a child to spend time together. This guide will show you step by step the work you must do to paint a railing, the first step is to remove the rust , the second in the brush over the railing rust and the third, finally, in painting a railing.

The coating of a railing is usually the case when the latter, exposed to atmospheric agents, oxidizes, namely rusts. Rust is the worst enemy for the railing, in the long run can “chew” the railing and compromising stability. The first step is to remove the rust on the railing. To do this we need a metal brush (similar to that for the hair but with the metal teeth) and sandpaper. With the wire brush and sandpaper going to scratch all rusted parts (orange) using the brush you’re going to remove the larger parts and obvious, with sandpaper smaller ones until after removing the rust will the true color of the metal. To do this in the best way you have to first go through the metal brush and remove the little rust left with sandpaper.


After removing the rust from the railing, the next step is to go of rust on the railing with a brush and the rust (Picture only for illustrative purposes) is a liquid that prevents the subsequent recreation of that annoying orange substance. Once covered the fence with rust must wait for the drying of the latter before moving on to painting. However, there are paints that have incorporated the rust and then allow you to skip this step.

Once dried the rust we are ready to give the paint on the railing. To do a good job you may want to give more coats of paint, that is, once dried the first application of color, back another. This procedure is more hands better as the various weather conditions such as snow, rain, wind and impact will be more difficult to attack and oxidize the railing painted.