To liven up any room, the first thing to do is change the color of the walls. Unfortunately, however, this operation requires time and physical effort for sanding and painting. If, however, we have little time, we can groped with spray paint . Although the spray cans of paint may be more expensive than conventional paints, all in all it is a good option . Those who need a simple cover without having to sand, will be happy. This guide will teach how to paint a room with spray paint .

spray paint

First we will have to remove all the furniture from the room that we have to paint. The main drawback of spray paint is that it spreads easily on the surrounding objects. It is also not very easy then to remove. We spread therefore of large plastic sheets on the floor. In this way it will preserve splash of spray paint. We use of sheets of newspaper to protect those objects or components that are not to be moved, such as switches and electrical outlets. If you do not want to paint with the spray paint even the ceiling of the room, we apply the masking tape where the walls meet the ceiling.

Wear a dust mask, a pair of goggles and a suit. So we will avoid inhaling these substances. We develop a fund based paint on the walls, or will require additional layers to obtain adequate coverage. When we perform this first layer, we keep the paint from 6 to 12 cm away from the wall. Then we apply the spray painting in regular horizontal lines, overlapping for about 50%. For any doubt we can read the information on the spray paint . So we understand how long you must wait before applying the next coat of paint. Different brands of paint require different drying times, but usually have to wait approximately one to two hours.

We spray the second layer of paint. Just as in the first application, we will have to hold the can at least 5 cm from the wall. Let dry and apply a third coat if necessary. The spray paint typically covers well even with one hand, especially if it is applied with at least 50% overlap. However, for very dark colors, you may require a third hand. We wait at least 48 hours before removing all the covers, and bring the furniture in the room. Even if the paint is dry to the touch, it can still stain the furniture. Especially if they are in prolonged contact with the walls painted.