It good to occasionally give a renewed appearance of the rooms in your home. A fundamental operation to be performed is that of painting: a colorful room has a most lively and cheerful, while whitewashing regularly give to all a great brightness. paint a room, no matter how long and difficult, it is not very difficult and can be also means “profane” DIY. However, it is well organized and get some essential tools. In this guide I will try to give you some useful advice on how to paint a room without a mess!

First you need to decide what color to use and procure the required amount of paint. Keep in mind that with about a pound of paint can cover 7 square meters. speech gets trickier if you want any particular color: the standard ones are already packed and lie as a normal dye, while others are sold ultra concentrated and must be mixed with white paint to achieve the desired color. Ask for help from someone more experienced than you if you are not sure of being able to obtain a homogeneous color! Once you you get the dye, Equip brushes and rollers of various sizes and lengths to carefully paint each space, from the narrowest to the most high!


Generally, when integrate with a color other than white, you should not be up to the limit with ceiling but leave a break of a few centimeters is to ensure a more precise and to make the result less heavy an excessive coloration make the room is dim and oppressive. For the same reason the Board to avoid shades that are too dark, especially in rooms engaged in the study or rest. these rooms are recommended for pastel colors and very diluted, such as green and yellow: create a bright and relaxing! For rooms such as the bathroom and the kitchen you can venture vibrant colors like blue and red.

It will take many hours to ensure that the paint to dry: you ventilate the room to facilitate the process. Avoid seasons and wet days because it will make your work even more long and difficult. Now you need to do is roll up your sleeves, upholster furniture and floors with newspaper to prevent it from getting dirty too and away, under paint!.