Sometimes in case you choose to have a wooden floor. This requires much more care than a normal floor tiles made with material. Now, it may happen that the wood loses its luster and so you have to make a painting. Read this guide to understand the process that you need to run.

You need:

* scraper or sandpaper
* orbital sander
* vacuum cleaner
* polyurethane paint
* turpentine
* a flat brush off
* a cloth slightly wet

The first thing you need to do is to prepare the surface of the project, and then proceeds to use a scraper to smooth the difficult areas of the wooden floor, for example the corners and along the walls. At this point of the work, after sanding by hand, also uses an orbital sander for sanding the entire floor of the room, trying to work in the direction of the wood grain. if you want more information about paint a wood floor, you could follow this link .

At this point, when you perform this operation, collect wood dust created with a vacuum cleaner, paying close attention to the gaps between the floor and the baseboard. Now, in order to reduce the amount of paint needed, starts to apply one type of polyurethane, which will need to dilute with water white spirit , then served to a clean cloth to give a primer coat to the floorboards.


Once you have done so after having given the base coat, you go to apply at least two or three coats of polyurethane paint, by serving a brush, working always in the direction of the grain. It is very important that you let each coat dry first to pass to the next, then lightly sanded to improve adhesion of the subsequent coat. Finally u know just a damp cloth to remove dust.