If you live in an old house, it is very likely that the present ceiling beams exposed. This solution was much more common in ancient times. But now you are trying to revive a certain style, extremely charming and impact. The beams are perfect for apartments or houses in the mountains that make extensive use of wood. If the dwelling has many years, you may need to restore the beams. Or simply paint the ceiling again. Being wooden steps are required before applying the final color. Let’s see how to proceed.

ceiling beams

First of all it is important to assess the state of the beams . If the beams are quite worn out, it is good to sand the wood and remove all remnants of the old paint. But first of all cleared the room. You need not to dirty furniture and furnishings. If you prefer you can play around with the nylon sheets. Do the same with the floors. So proceed with the sanding of wood, eliminating the bumps. Along the side edges of the beams roll of paper tape. This will prevent you from soiling the ceiling with burrs. With the brush roll out a first coat of protective varnish, to which you add a little of color choice.

After waiting at least four hours, you can start to paint the exposed beams. This middle phase of the work using a roller . Please make sure to distribute the paint evenly, you have to paint it lengthwise. Followed as much as possible the wood grain to have a natural effect. This first coat of final painting will dry in 24 hours. You then apply a second coat of paint, the final one. You’ll have to do the same, spreading a good amount of paint on the beams. At the end of this second hand wait another 24 hours to dry.

Finally you can go to the finish. Matt or glossy paints are used, depending on the style of the furniture. If, for example, you have a home with classic style and use a matte finish for beams to view. If on the contrary the furnishings are modern, will do a glossy finish and bright. Of course the paint color for the beams is at your discretion. The important thing is not to choose something too flashy or showy. It is important to give a sense of the room together, respecting what is the overall style.