Sensing the arrival of summer, many people are willing to give a new look to your home, but sometimes not enough spring cleaning to get it back in shape: it is often necessary to do much more, rolling up your sleeves and painting the walls . Of course you can contact a good painter will have no problems to perform a perfect job, but you will spend a significant amount! To save money you can provide to perform the work with his own hands, but how do you paint your house without combining disasters? It is not difficult, you just have a handful of patience and as much good will .

Before doing anything else, you need to obtain the necessary material, possibly without forgetting anything: notice did not buy something necessary maybe just when you are ready to paint, with old clothes and paper cap on his head … is certainly something rather nasty! And ‘advisable to move the furniture and pick them up in the middle of the room, covering them with old sheets or with special nylon sheets (they are really a pittance).


You have to remove the curtains and if you can not remove the rods that support them, should be wrapped with newspaper or strips of cellophane. The chandeliers and the windows must be repaired with nylon and you have to protect the edges of the frames with masking tape. The floor is covered with sheets of newspaper best to avoid covering it with plastic, because it does not absorb splashes of paint that stick inevitably underfoot. now need to prepare the walls : the scraper must be removed the old paint points when it is peeled off, then with sandpaper media, should be brought into the area scraped and leveled.

Come this far, you just have to open the can of paint and, based on the instructions on the package, you must provide to dilute the color in the manner described (of course if you need it). with a clean stick, mix the color for a long time, then, always starting from the ceiling, you begin to use the roller or the brush of your choice . As we now know, with the roller is up on stands: the points ‘critical’ ( corners and edges ) can be achieved by means of a ladder, perhaps using a brush if just one is over, you will naturally much earlier, but it is advisable to apply two coats of paint to achieve a better result extends a first ‘hand’ of painting one direction, and after leaving it dry, apply a second ‘hand’ in the opposite direction: the final effect will be better if you have some in the house outlet to replace, should seize the moment and do so on this occasion also, since the furniture has been moved from their normal place, you can also see if there is a possibility of someone fix differently, thus changing the usual arrangement: this can help bring a breath of fresh air in our home.