Paint can be a good coating for the walls of the kitchen because it is very decorative, inexpensive and can change into work involved.

One option is that it is possible to paint the walls of the kitchen . The use of paint as a coating has many advantages from the economic point of view especially, in addition to the options provided to interior design and decoration of the space. Paint is much cheaper to do all the cooking of any coating. It also supports a change in the aesthetics of the decor at any time because you do not need to work and even being a little skilled in manual labor is work that can do either.

Change the look of the kitchen without major reforms

The wall paint can fulfill several functions at once. On one side is an important aspect of the decor , as it would be the basis on which to mount the entire interior decoration . It also has other more practical functions it protects and preserves the wall. With some practice and taste the mixture of colors in the kitchen can change your appearance to a very low price. Before starting any job, must be evaluated: type of paint to be used, the amount needed and the tools needed to complete the intervention. The prior completion of a project of interior design will avoid walking without a guide in decor, but everything running is consistent with the end result to be achieved.


Most suitable types of paint to the walls of the cooking

In general it can be summarized in two types of paint which are suitable for use in kitchens: the enamel and plastic paints.

# The enamels are fast drying paints. Solvents that make possible washing, whereby they are more durable. They also serve to paint wood and metal.
# Plastic paints are ideal for painting walls and ceilings. Those high-end support also be washed. The advantage they have over the glazes is that they are cheaper.

Both paintings are matte or satin finish, while the glazes they can have a glossy finish. When the walls have irregularities matte finishes are recommended because they help to conceal them. The satin finish adds a touch of warmth to the atmosphere.

The importance of color in painting the kitchen walls

Colors convey feelings, emotions, moods. Warm colors bring joy, life, the opposite of cool colors. If you have a kitchen with high ceiling, you have to paint it dark, to create the feeling of less height.Light colors give more light to the environment, allowing the rebound of the light . Dark colors absorb it. All these aspects are taking into account a professional interior designers to carry out a project of interior decoration in the home in general and cooking in particular.

Steps for painting, not to mention the furniture in the kitchen

The first thing to do is safeguard the kitchen furniture covering them with blankets or plastic. Before starting to paint the wall must be prepared to remove any dust or grease. When walls are already painted, you just have to clean grease and dust, then you can paint without problems. If the walls are new construction should match them with plastic putty and then sealed with a layer of water diluted in the same paint to be used for finishing. If the wall is not preserved in good condition will be necessary to clean it thoroughly using sandpaper, paint brush or removed. This sounds obvious it never hurts to say that should begin painting the ceiling and walls.