As part of home maintenance that should be carried out at least once a year, is also part of the painting the railing of the balcony . This often hated by many, it is still important: a railing well maintained, in fact, represents a great business card for anyone who is about to cross the threshold of our house, and it is for this reason that it would be a good idea to not ever neglect the care. In this guide we will explain, then, how to make the most of this type of work.

In order for your railing is treated in the best way possible, it is necessary to carry out a series of preliminary steps, first of all, to completely remove the rust. To make the most of this work you may need to use sandpaper or steel brushes : What is important is not to miss any angle, focusing on the most difficult to obtain the desired result. At this point, well past the railing across a cloth soaked in turpentine and let it dry. If the rust persists, spread a layer of rust converter : it is a good idea , however, change the substance only on the points where the rust is still adherent, and not on the rest of the railing!


Now is the time of anti-rust treatment. This product, which can be easily found in most hardware or DIY stores supplied, has a very important role, not only, in fact, protects the iron from corrosion due to the constant influence of the weather, but also helps to improve adherence the paint on the railing . The rust should be applied all over the balcony , and also needs a dry time .

It ‘s the time of the painting : once the rust is dry, choose the color of nail polish that fits more with the colors of your home, remember that colors such as blue and red, being more sensitive, fade more easily Wait a not very sunny! The sun, in fact, inevitably affect the durability of the paint and the quality of your work: paint a balcony under the burning sun of August would put a strain on even the most talented painters! Looking to improve your Calgary railings ? consider the installation of aluminum railings.