Provide paint walls and ceilings of an apartment or a room is not a simple undertaking , but it is certainly not difficult for those who propose in this activity as an amateur . In addition, the care of the environment in which we live is essential and the cleaning of the walls is one of the ways through which to do so, disinfecting. In this tutorial we will try to figure out how to cater to paint walls and ceilings with a few simple but useful tips.

The first step is to choose the room from where we want to go, whether it is a flat , usually you prefer to start from the most peripheral of the house, the same that once finished the paint may remain open without that there are people ready to use soon. Starting from the bedrooms is good advice because it is less busy areas. Choosing the room remove from the site furniture, furnishings or, if there is the possibility, place it in the middle of the room and cover with a towel or a cellophane to prevent them from getting dirty or smear painting. Secure the lid with tape or pins. Also cover the doors. Open the windows (to allow ventilation of the website in the execution phase of painting) or, if possible, remove its doors so that it can move more freely: for this is preferable that such work is carried out in the hottest periods of the year , both to facilitate the change of air (avoid breathing toxic substances possibly contained in paints) is to promote the drying of walls.


The choice of colors to use, certainly took place before setting up the work area should be guided furnishing, or is the furniture that you intend to place in the room or who are already present, either as decorative lamps, ornaments, curtains, fabrics: color can resume is one already present in the room in order to “call” something and match the context, either by creating a detachment decided, an element of contrast, but being careful not to make it feel a “rupture” with the ‘environment, thus keeping us on a shade less marked. Choosing the room, the color and removed all the obstacles in the room, preferably fitted with ladder rungs, thinner, mask to protect the eyes, rollers, brushes of various sizes with soft bristles , dry and grids from painters, to provide a first preparation of the walls eliminating holes, cracks, and giving the first coat of primer.

Always start from the ceiling Dilute a little ‘painting (there are different types) and mix with a brush with long necks. Place the grill on board bucket, and install the handle of the roller on a ‘ extendable rod should be started from the ceiling and its corners with a brush not too big that it can enable you to achieve just the concave corner of the room In a second step you can proceed with the linear part of the ceiling using the roller, lower it into the painting, remove the excess using the side grill and move in a zig zag trying to cover the whole area is advisable to perform the same operation for at least two times, making sure to reserve between one and the other abundant during drying To paint the walls the procedure is the same: for the angles between ceiling and wall or between different walls (if you choose different colors) to choose a thinner brush to facilitate a more precise, for the remaining area you can use a roller or a brush the largest size, In the case of some walls you can choose to make provision for a “detachment” of about 3 cm from the ceiling, however, especially when it is decided to use colors other than white of the ceiling: in this case, before painting, you should apply a gummed paper specification (which should not in the phase of detachment remove the underlying paint or even the plaster) on top of the wall , as close to the ceiling This paper will then be removed with care after the second painting and drying, making visible the “detachment”.