Each house, with doors and windows new, certainly seems more beautiful and elegant, this is known, but to change it is necessary to support a considerable expense. At the same time, if you decide to contact a professional to paint the old elements to renew, you will also spend a considerable amount and balance, perhaps it is not said that it’s worth it. The only way to save is to to use ‘oil elbows’ and perform the work with his own hands . Want to try? Throughout this guide and you’ll know how to paint windows and doors of wood alone.

You need:

2 Stands, sandpaper, paint brushes, paint non toxic, enticement, wrapping paper or old newspapers, masking tape.

Started the work by the fixtures. These latter, on the contrary of the doors, can also not be disassembled. But you have to dilute the paint (if the product requires it), carefully following the instructions and must be of the right consistency, otherwise may form unsightly lumps or smudges of color. Protect windows with sheets of paper wrapping or newspaper and masking tape, both inside and outside. If you can, also remove the handle (protecting the holes), if you can not, cover it with masking tape. then started to sand all wood surfaces with sandpaper rather fine and cover nicks and small holes, with a little ‘wood putty, let it dry thoroughly and sand with fine sandpaper so that every part of the wood appears perfectly smooth, then clean any dust with a cloth dampened with water or alcohol and let it dry.


With a soft brush started to roll out the desired color on each side of the fixture, starting from the outside and then go inside. To spread the color evenly, directional brush first in one direction and then in the opposite, being careful to roll out immediately every little drop of color is formed. Let dry and then roll a second coat. When the latter is completely dry, remove the protective glass and handle. Then repeat the same process for the rest of the frames, which at the end of work appear almost like new!

Now switch to the doors. Remove them from their hinges by lifting them up from the ground, possibly helping inserting under (between floor and door) a thin metal bar that face as a lever, such as the blade of a knife sturdy. If necessary, enter into the joint hinges (see picture on the left) a few drops of oil.