Working the wrought iron is an extremely complex. But once you get the desired result from the manufacture of iron is necessary to know the various techniques on how to paint wrought iron to be able to complete their work and avoid that the same can rust and ruin with the passage of time.

Often the iron worked contains traces of calamine which occur on the surface of the same in the form of small marks blackish. To eliminate the same, and other imperfections that are on the same to cause the processing , it is necessary to abrade the iron worked with the abrasive paper basis weight at first coarse and then average to obtain a perfectly smooth surface. Once the work of abrasion on the surface of your iron so you will need dusting to avoid including the same track within the paint.

Once dusted carefully wrought iron you will need to paint the same with an anti-rust paint . This will allow the iron to maintain an attractive appearance and its integrity against the elements in various ways. The rust needs to be considered 24 hours to completely dry. To paint the wrought iron then you will need to have different brushes , so that we can simply paint each intersection without too much difficulty and avoid leaving the traits of the same unpainted.


You then need to choose the color of paint with which you want to paint your work in wrought iron on the market today there are many different colors of nail polish to iron. Enamel is an extremely dense and brilliant dye that will immediately give an entirely new and different to your wrought iron In order to properly paint the iron will be needed at least two coats of color performing twice the color with nail polish so you can avoid that you can see the signs of preparing the same and that the coloration is homogeneous and lasting enamel requires several hours of drying so it will be necessary to estimate at least 72 hours in order to perform this operation without the risk that the enamel may be damaged or ruined during its application.