This guide will explain how to plan a renovation project, in case you want to make changes or additions to the original structure of the house. In projects of this type, we must take into account several factors, such as the time required , the function of the restructuring, the difficulties and costs of course.

First, you must accurately measure the size of the area you wish to edit. In the middle of a sheet of graph paper, draw the area, reducing it to scale. Mark then the opening of doors and windows, as well as the thickness of the walls. System in the project also the presence of furniture, including existing and estimate, particularly if they are heavy and very difficult to move. Then track the exact location of all premises adjacent to the area to be restored in order to have a clear picture of the present situation and act optimally in the course of work.

Once you have a detailed plan and are satisfied with it, you must request approval by going to the Office of the Municipal Planning your city of residence and show the technical personnel design and a list of materials needed. The staff will give you the information you need to proceed and the relevant permit, which you get after you have paid a sum of varying size compared with that of renovations . Keep in mind that if you live in an old house or history, you may have additional restrictions and that the value of your house will fall if the restructuring plan is not in line with the neighborhood , the style of the house and its aesthetics.


Try to get a clear picture of the costs of the actual restructuring and trusting in serious professionals in the field, provided the license. When planning expenses, add a budget equal to 10% of the cost required by the contractors and for unexpected expenses. For an assessment of the value that the property purchase after restructuring you may go to a good agent real estate that has familiarity with the neighborhood and ask for detailed advice about it, so as to assess the percentage of income that you get with the changes taking place. Restructuring, if planned ad hoc, it can reveal indeed an excellent investment for the future.