Doing it in fall or spring, choosing seeds, preparing the ground and respect the minimum care, ensure the success of planting.

The green of the grass is one of the best elements that we have to decorate the outside of houses, and the fall and spring is the best time to plant. For looking pretty and healthy we must consider to be planting and care following a few simple recommendations. Neither the artificial turf and the turf will give us the pleasure of working in our garden and get the expected result for lovers of gardening, to see the grass grow.

Prepare the ground, watching the sun and think about the risks and uses

Before planting the ground should be noted that we have. The soil should be light and well drained, without puddles. Must be cleaned of stones and small rocks and weeds. The grass needs sun, because if you get too much shade can cause serious developmental problems. One must study the path of the shadows in the garden, both during the day and in different seasons. In the Mediterranean and continental climates (in Spain), some shade may be suitable for the rigors of sun and summer heat can ruin a lawn as the risks are not sufficient.


It should, therefore, to install an irrigation system if the plantar surface is large. If it’s a small garden, to be clear enough that the hose is essential, especially in spring and summer. The best time to water is early morning or late afternoon. Should be avoided when there is more sun, because the magnifying effect water can burn and dry grass seedlings. You should also consider the use that will give the lawn before choosing seeds to be planted. There are many varieties, mixed properly, will withstand the function asks the herb garden. You can plant a lawn purely ornamental, evergreen but not prepared for many jogging, or a mixture for dry or tough for sports, repopulation by combating the plaques, especially for shady areas, or specific as the Atlantic humid. Trademarks offer and seeds prepared for the needs of each garden.

Times for planting and site preparation

The two best times to sow grass are spring and fall, but can also be planted in summer, but still more incisive with the risks if performed in hot lands. Spring soil temperature and humidity is ideal for development but also for the weed, and the possibility of subsequent heat ruined effort. It’s the most recommended for Atlantic and Continental climates. In autumn (September and October) planting is recommended because it gives the best results. The grass is not at risk of drying and better supports the cold season. Furthermore, if we chose the garden area most exposed to the sun and facing south in mild climates, and north into the hottest.

After site selection must clean the area. You have to remove stones, roots, branches and weeds, and applying a herbicide that eliminates and prolong its action several months. Once clean should till the ground. This is important work, because you must remove the earth about 30 inches by digging with a hoe, mechanical, or the old fashioned way, by hand. If the ground is puddles which, before the layer of soil to be installed by installing a good drainage gravel after about 5 cm thick. Removed and drained the land will be enriched with plant substrate and apply a sand capita. This will help make you more relaxed and better able to retain moisture. Then, for the soil is well mixed and uniform, will turn with a shovel and rake to rake. With the ground soft, airy and permeable, you are ready for planting.

Leveling and seeding as professionals

By the rake can level the playing field, but can be driving stakes, place a board over them and put a bubble level that we ensure a professional finish. Once the ground level, with the same rake or broom metal gutters are formed. On them lay the seeds must either manually, which requires some practice to distribute the seeds evenly, or the help of a seed cart. The seed brands offer embedded systems to containers that help in this work.

After passing a loop is important for all plantings. Suffice it to anything round and with some weight, like a cylinder, or pass a board, if the surface is small, to bury the seed right and clog the gutters. Between one week and two weeks later, the lawn will be sprung. Maintaining irrigation, adequate fertilizer and regular pruning, a garden design always have the best decorations possible, a beautiful, refreshing and nice green blanket covering it.