The choice of owning a swimming pool has always been an important decision, often seen as the prerogative of a lucky few people, but in recent years, also known as the outer ‘above ground’, is an effective system to allow those who have a space to open to cool off and relax without having to dig, to place properly this type of pool , it is only necessary to level the ground on which it rests perfectly (of course only if they exist of the slopes) and the next steps we will explain how play in order to obtain an effect more beautiful to see.

The outdoor swimming pool, much less expensive than the underground and more practical to fix, is an element that is placed out of the ground and can be made ​​of steel or PVC. It is equipped with lateral uprights to be supported, and is usually characterized by a water recirculation system very simple, even if the standard filtration can possibly be enhanced by opting for a more professional system.


It is sold with ladder, interior and exterior in stainless steel and it is a structure that can be used without carry out special finishes, but if you choose to cover it, making it more aesthetically beautiful and elegant, you can do so by choosing the practical kit, they are in In fact, including various ornamental panels to be fitted by simple operations and can be fake stone, fake bricks or wood mosaic. The latter must, however, be treated with pesticides and protective against the elements.

Those who prefer to save money, may decide to purchase only the pool without cover panels ornamental, possibly creating a coating do it yourself er with some cheap colored plastic tarps to be fixed to the uprights In conclusion, we can safely say that both ‘ installation of the pool, is that relative to its coverage, can be safely completed by the private individual, since it is very simple and quick steps. At the end of the summer months, the whole structure can be quietly disassemble and store, waiting for an egg reuse.