The concrete floor is increasingly being used in the construction field , both for commercial uses that for paving squares, terraces and surfaces of various kinds . The new industrial products have given rise to a mixture of colored concrete that after treatment and sanding give life to the robust polished concrete floors , these floors and relative polishing , will be maintained over time. Let’s see how to polish concrete floors.

Large surfaces such as commercial and industrial areas, but also floors of schools, shops, airports can be paved and select the concrete floor . The polishing will take place through a sander and specifies several disks in diamond abrasive material of medium size, the grinding of the floor, following it will finish with diamond abrasives thinner, and finally with abrasives in resinous material to eliminate water from the surface of the latter the presence of any scratch.


Once the sanding, we will proceed to clean the floor and you will realize two-step cross-dry with the same machinery, repeating the operation several times. At this point we proceed to finish the edges of the perimeter and taking sanders double rotary head, then go back to clean the floor and letting it dry. We will choose the suitable color and it will dissolve in acetone or water in this way will color the floor permanently. The floor will be decorated with designs or logos of any kind by creating color effects imaginative. Once dry the paint will wash the surfaces with clean water through machine washes floors and let them dry again. Following will be applied a polishing material that will make the floor surface harder and make the surface more resistant. The material will take to dry and bind with the floor about 24 hours, then you can always re polish and smooth again with a finer grain abrasive Resinoid.

The flooring will look shiny and uniformly, eliminate dust with dry and then apply a layer of specific product that penetrates into the holes of the concrete will make it waterproof and will give the flooring, stain-resistant properties for a brighter finish Finally there is an additional finishing material with microfiber cloths and new final polishing with rotating brushes.

For perfect maintenance and have a floor bright and long-lasting, will need to wash it with detergents specifically designed for industrial floors, concrete, if you wish you can spread a thin layer of wax, in this case in which the floor of the posters points damaged and abraded, but if the damage or wear were relevant, be necessary to contact the specialized companies that with the system described, will provide to give new life to the pavement, using new sanding and polishing , a bit ‘as is also done with marble or parquet for. Of course, the state and the degree of wear of flooring, it also depends on the type of use to which it is destined.