The kids room plays in each apartment, a particular function since it will adapt, year after year , to the growth of your child, or your children, and if they had more than one, to share the use. In addition, the room will have to perform many functions in fact, is not simply a place to sleep, but also a place in which to play, gets their friends and study. The boys spend many hours in his room, and for this reason, you should create a functional environment full of every comfort that will fully comply with all of its functions with complete safety. The area devoted to the study should accommodate a small or media library , together with a comfortable work desk capable of being used for the study and to be able to accommodate a personal computer , a tool that has become indispensable to accomplish the same study. The lighting both man made and natural to be optimal and that’s why we’re going to see how to position the desk in the bedroom .


In a room natural light is to be exploited fully, for this reason, use of curtains suitable and capable of overlapping schoolmarm according to the needs of the moment and in relation to the different hours of the day. The desk will be positioned in such a way as to fully exploit the light of day, without creating shadows that may make it less easy reading and writing. The desks will need to use a comfortable chair with wheels that can we can guarantee fast and convenient locations.

The placement of the desk will have to take into account the size of the room and use that will easily fulfill. Must be easily accessible and possibly not adjacent to the bed of any companions sharing a room (e.g. De brothers), although this is not always possible, if the room is small in size. Despite this, if the room is designed to accommodate two children , it is good to try to create two distinct areas, both for sleeping or studying, each devoted to one of the two sons.

Artificial lighting should use in addition to the normal chandelier or spotlights to the ceiling, with adequate table lamps can provide the necessary light and fair, appropriate for the conduct of any activity: play, study, work and PC. In the chambers of small size, do not take too big desks that go to penalize the entire room, in this case you should avail yourself of desks with multiple floors extractable able to ensure, if necessary, a bearing surface more. If you opt for this type of desk you will have to take good measures and ensure that the position of the same allowing for the easy opening of all floors of which is provided.