After the chill of winter, what could be more enjoyable, motivating and welcome the arrival of spring? Tune in to the new season and reap all the benefits is not only a great idea, but also an antidote to the stress that goes along with the change of season. Let’s see how to prepare your home to fully enjoy the spring.

Let in the spring, while in winter it tends to emphasize the gap between the outside (bare, cold, monochrome) and the inside (warm, rich and colorful), in the spring opens the house. Even without taking the windows wide open, as the cold lasts for a few weeks, it is time to aerate, to look out and to revive the furnishings and decorations.

The light, to welcome the light of day that lengthen and the sun begins to describe arcs higher and higher in the sky, we can change the curtains, placing the tendon clear and colorful (flowers, squares and dots of light cotton, no synthetics processed or curtains) in the middle window, so you can receive light and admire the view while maintaining privacy. It is also the time of the games of light hanging prisms and stained glass windows brighten up any room.


The spring in the house: at this time, even more cut flowers, potted flowers are welcome or simple herbs: a windowsill sown parsley, to observe sprout, a narcissus, which brightens the bathroom and daisies as a table centerpiece will make a spring touch to any environment. It is also the time to repaint the house: for those who are meditating for a while to brighten up a wall or brighten a room, grab the ball and throw yourself! Welcome vertical lines, pastel colors and the variations on a theme, for example, we can illuminate a hallway with bands of different widths in different shades of green.

For the furniture you can opt for a touch of spring without necessarily changing the whole living area: pillows or pillow light will brighten the chairs, sofas and armchairs. The white curtains mounted inside of the windows give light also to the belief darker, and tassels with simple bows clear take a fresh touch of keys, knobs, handles. Where you can, replace synthetic materials and too soft (plastic, velvet, brocade, chenille) from natural materials and “crunchy” (glass, wood, paper, shells) in order to inspire us to return alarms and snappy for the summer .