Among all the materials used for the construction of furniture and furnishings, certainly the most used is the wood. It is a material that lends itself well to this kind of processing, but as with all things, also the wood requires a constant maintenance in order to keep our furniture in perfect state of preservation. Let us see some tips on how to preserve the antique furniture.

The antique furniture items are surely the most popular of all. The motivation may be sought in the fact that it is true works of art, capable of crossing practically free to the whims of fashion and the passing of the years. But in order to maintain the integrity of their state, several precautions should be put in place. The first and foremost is to never expose the antique furniture to direct sunlight. Ultraviolet rays can cause damage, sometimes permanent, the wood and the paint of our furniture. That is why it is very important not to expose them to direct sunlight, trying to place them in corners far enough away from windows. If this is not possible, it will be sufficient to retrofit window blinds can provide them with the right shelter.


But sunlight is not the only enemy of our precious furnishings, but also all those sources that can make drastic changes to the room temperature where they are positioned our furniture, such as fireplaces, heaters, fans, Dehumidifiers, etc. In this case, we should use care not to place them in their immediate vicinity trying to keep them as far away as possible. Same goes for moisture, so for the same reasons listed above, we should make sure that the room is not particularly humid.!–more–>

We should also check on a regular basis, which in our furniture there is the presence of small holes. In the case of our survey were positive, this would mean that in our Mobile have established the “worms” or small insects that feed on wood. If the Our observation is periodic and meticulous, however, we could intervene in a timely manner, thus greatly limiting the damage that these little bugs can cause. To do this will be sufficient to bring us well-stocked with a paint shop, explain the problem and buy our products suitable to eradicate the insects. For the application of these products, you should carefully follow the instructions on the package.

So we arrived at the last, but not least, hint, which refers to the cleaning of the furniture itself. Many people are used to clean antique furniture using oil. Although this is a specific product, unfortunately, in the long run could cause more harm than good to our furniture, we see why. First of all the oil, precisely because of its shape, is able to attract more dust is that the parasites themselves. That is why it is very important to try to make less use of it. It is true that as soon as we have finished treat the surface with this product, the latter appears beautiful gloss, but we can get the same results by making use of suitable waxes which, unlike oil, are able to confer over that brilliance, also gives the wood protecting it from the attacks of the time.

The cleaning of antique furniture using the method of wax, it is definitely much longer and more arduous than the one where he sees the used oil. The wax must first be spread over the entire surface to be cleaned using a damp cloth and wrung out well, sure to cover all parts thoroughly angles. Then, with a soft cotton cloth, “pulled” until there is no more trace on the wood. At the end of this work, our furniture will look completely different, in fact, it will be nice shiny and smooth to the touch, just like new. This operation must be performed on a regular basis, but not daily. To make sure you get it right, you may want to seek advice from a trusted antiquarian, who will be able to advise on the best, both in the procedure both for the right product to use.