To list the accidents in the home and how to prevent them, takes at least a guide, considering the high number of dangers that can lurk within the walls of the house. Generally it is thought that there is no safer place of your own home, but sometimes it is betrayed because of our naivety. The guide below will address some of the dangers that are most frequently origin of domestic accidents. And then learn to avoid them and prevent damage.

In general, domestic accidents are caused by household appliances . For this reason, whenever you are about to use them, make sure a number of things. When stretched , do not place the hot plate on the ironing board, place it but still standing on the axis itself. Remove the plug in any case, if you answer the phone or knock at the door or at least if suddenly you have to get away from the point where you are ironing. A moment of distraction could prove seriously harmful.


If you are employing an oven at child height, when it reached a very high temperature and to be very careful to open the door holding her face away, always make sure that children do not come near but not touching the outer surface of the door, they may severely burn yourself. Also to prevent burns, always pay close attention to handle pots and pans on the fire by employing the appropriate potholders. Move the hot pot from the heat to the sink (to drain the water from the pasta) only after making sure that there are no obstacles in the short path that could lead to accidents.

Blenders Immersion and electric whisk without security should always be used with caution. Avoid changing the accessory, if you have not first removed the plug. Even if you are sure not to touch the power button, it may be very risky.Each time you finish cooking and cleaning the stove, make sure the throttles are perfectly sealed to prevent gas leakage. Just in this regard, in case you were to warn smell gas for the house, do not try to turn on the light or the fire, rather than immediately open the window to let in air. Call a technician to repair any leaks.