Any precaution and safety measure is little to spare trouble just around the summer time.

With the arrival of summer and the much awaited vacation, you need to take a series of measures to prevent theft and not only in housing but documents or other valuables in the street, in the vehicle, etc.

Empty homes

Four in ten robberies in the home occur during the months of June, July and August summer season in the northern hemisphere. Every two minutes recorded a steal in a flat or house in this hemisphere, a fact which clearly indicates that the measures we take to avoid these incidents are insufficient. Install an alarm or electronic security system as a deterrent is not enough, we can also use some other method to indicate that simple floor is uninhabited, such as placing lights are turned on and off with a timer, keep empty mailbox, half-lowered blinds or leave some laundry. You can also suggest to a trusted neighbor or relative to watch out for any strange situation.


Beware of social networking

The fact that new technologies are virtually open to anyone and that it is increasingly common to use the social networks , has led many thieves look through these victims. Thus, the simple status updates to announce a holiday period the user along with the activation of the geolocation networks served on a tray a possible burglary at home. It is important not to give many details about the days to be absent, and especially to maintain the option off shows where the house, even the pictures that are uploaded to the web from a mobile terminal can carry the implicit Current location data in the event of a rise during the holidays, or old, for example photos of the floor.

Internet shopping

Should avoid using public computers such as Internet cafes, stations or airports for commercial transactions through the network. In addition, when accessing a page of purchase is very important to verify that the site is secure, and with respect to payment, using as far as possible a credit card rather than debit, as fraudulent transactions are easier to cancel.

Next-generation devices

Not only the newest mobile, such as smartphones or blackberries, but other electronic devices such as tablets or laptops, seem to have become indispensable to users who do not hesitate to take them during the holidays, many of them with lots of personal information held in memory, from addresses to passwords or important documents. It is recommended to back up everything we deem confidential, and if possible strengthen the security of any password or device unlock pattern, avoiding simple keys such as birthday, plus never apply the option to “remember password ” when accessing a web site.

Vehicle Theft

To prevent theft of the vehicle, a good measure of insurance is to drive posts and windows closed, or with an opening of no more than five centimeters. It should also move to places traveled and enlightened, traveling together as far as possible and park the car in one location lighting, and to get it off, check that doors are closed tightly and try not to leave the keys in the ignition or door.

Public Spaces

Many thefts succeed when walking down the street and especially in agglomerations, so that should, among other security measures:

# Carry your purse or backpack on.
# Never carry the wallet in his back pocket but close to the body.
# Avoid carrying your camera around your neck.
# Do not count money in public.
# Try not to talk on the phone on the street.
# Try not to wear lots of jewelry to avoid attracting attention.
# Do not neglect your belongings.
# Pay attention to strange attitudes that may be distracting maneuvers such as pushing, request a signature, address questions, etc.
# Beware of gambling in the street, that are usually fraud.

Measures against theft

# In the case of returning home and see that the door frame has been tampered with, broken window or something strange or unusual, it is prudent to immediately call the police from the mobile phone itself or else from the house a neighbor and provide the address and phone number.
# Keep free telephone line until you reach the police .
Request medical assistance if necessary.
# Do not touch anything that might serve to get the trail of footprints or other clues to the authors.
# Try to look at the physical characteristics of the thieves and the details that can help police to identify them, such as clothing, direction of flight, vehicle registration, etc.
# And above all, try to act calmly and wisely to situations of risk or intimidation.

In short, any precautions, including the small details, you can spare us more surprises during and after the holidays. And if you have suffered some kind of theft, it is best to report soon.