The washing machine is definitely one of the appliances most loved by women. It’s a precious help, a trusted friend, but to keep it efficient, able to carry out his work in the best way, you have to dedicate a little bit of that time that she saves us. This means doing a thorough maintenance. In this guide, we see how to properly clean a washing machine.

Doing the laundry in the washing machine is not just put in the basket to wash the clothes, you have to comply with very precise rules if we want our washing machine alive longer. If the cleaning of the unit is carried out on a regular basis, in addition to getting great results in cleaning, keep as far as possible savory accounts for repairs of the machine itself. Let us see together what are these rules.


A good habit is that every time we finish the laundry to wash and take away from the basket, we must leave the door open in order to run the air and to dispel the moisture that is created during washing. Another tactic might be to dry with a cloth the rubber of the porthole, in this way we prevent the formation of fungi and molds and make it easy to eliminate unpleasant smell that is formed inside. To clean start from the monthly box of detergent. The first thing to do is disconnect the electrical outlet, then provide for the extraction of the box and put it to soak in a basin of hot water, where we will have melted a tablespoon of baking soda . In the meantime, expect that we clean the inside of the box with a sponge dampened by spraying a mixture of water and vinegar. We try to get as far as possible and whether you use liquid detergent powder that what this is one of the most important operations.

Now for the cleaning of the filter, another very important component This cleaning should be assessed according to age and how you use the washing machine. A monthly washing should be done instead empty, but laundry and detergent, but only with baking soda and salt. To be sure that this is done a thorough cleaning put a dose of baking soda and salt into the detergent drawer and one directly inside the drum can safely abound, so these products do not leave foam Select the temperature normally used for washing white, 60-70 degrees Stop washing a few minutes before it is discharged hot water and start rinsing (half an hour is more than enough) Put in motion the washing machine and then finish the cycle as usual.

We must also take note that some types of detergents and fabric softeners are more prone than others to the formation of mold and mildew, should this be your case the maintenance indicated above should be carried out every 15 days. If the water in your home would be very hard the advice is to alternate the cycle without clothes with baking soda and salt to one only with vinegar.