Protect your home from the cold is especially important during the cold season , so that we can increase the comfort of the inhabitants , but also reduce costs in a consistent manner . Here are some practical tips on how to insulate our house to ensure a warm winter and to significantly reduce waste.

Protect the house by low temperatures is essential, especially in areas where the winter is particularly cold. The thermal insulation of the building is the first factor to take into consideration, maybe investing in renovations that will give greater value to our house by the time we amortize the cost saving on heating. First of all we can provide isolation of walls with appropriate materials, it is important to choose non-toxic and non-polluting coatings to promote the safety of the inhabitants.


The coating can be installed on the outside of the walls of the building or on the inner side. The walls with internal cavity, where the free circulation of air favors the thermal dispersion , can be filled with suitable materials such as wool of rock, glass wool, expanded clay or the polyurethane foam. The laying of panel insulation is definitely the easiest and least expensive, such as plasterboard or polystyrene, recycled and treated to withstand fires. The pacing is a delicate procedure to be undertaken by a professional, in this way we will avoid cracks and we will have an aesthetic effect guaranteed.

In addition to the walls we must also be careful to insulate the floors and ceilings. First, check the condition of the roof and repair any leaks. The counter tops are perfect to reduce heat loss, are composed of insulating mats , strips of wood for the structure, glass wool and plasterboard. Even the floors can become more efficient and retain heat better, try to repair and fill all cracks with the pasta special, particularly in flooring. If we want to realize a most important intervention we can apply the insulating sheets to below the floor itself, so as to limit also the infiltration of moisture . Do not forget then the fixtures: doors and windows with worn seals or thin glass are an open door to the cold. Then replace the old frames with new models and strong, with double glazing, gas filling and sealed. The air circulation and breath ability of the walls is still essential to have a healthy atmosphere at home, then try to find a balanced solution that allows you to get the right temperature and humidity level.

To keep the heat in the rooms we can also use other little tricks that will also make our home more decorative. During the winter season Roll out of carpets on the floors so as to keep the heat over the entire surface. We use the draft exclude to be placed along the windows and possibly under the doors. Also the curtains are useful for storing heat in the room by covering the cold surface of the windows.