If you have a little ‘manual, and especially a lot of good will, you can provide yourself to painting the walls in your home. Where to start? Certainly the choice of colors that you like the most and that you think are most suitable. If you go to a paint or hardware stores, you will find at your disposal a wide range of colors able to satisfy all tastes. You will be surprised, however, to realize that, despite the clear idea with which you showed up at the store, you will begin to feel an unexpected uncertainty. This is because an account is the color that you have in mind, and another is present on many tones-color folder. If we add that the color once applied on the walls, changes tend to be much darker, doubt will not abandon you again! One solution to this problem may be to make the color from you. I’ll explain how it is not difficult.

The first thing you have to decide with certainty of what color you want to paint the house. If it’s new walls, you must go first and foremost a fixative, which will allow a uniform absorption of the paint. However, if it is already painted walls for brush clearly to remove the dust and measures to fill any holes or cracks. sanding and then you can spend the painting. Back to the color. To dial, you use an emulsion suitable for white and colors that will help you create your own color. Carefully read the instructions on the packaging dell water-based paint, which indicate the amount of water you need to add. Generally we use a dilution to around 40%.


Be careful to stay within the percentage too. This is because a greater dilution allows you yes, to get more product, but also of lesser quality because it is less opaque. Stir well and then starts to play with colors. If for example you want to obtain a bell blue powder, that is warm and at the same time the small intestine, add, very gradually, the color blue and a few drops of black. compound without stopping and continues to add the two colors, always very gradually, few drops at a time, until you reach the shade you like best. Keep in mind that the color, once past and dried, it will look dark on how you appear in the bucket.

If you want to get a nice sunflower yellow, add the white paint mixed with water, a little lemon-yellow and yellow ocher. Dosing always a bit ‘of one and a bit’ of the other, mix until you are satisfied. In this way, playing with the primary colors mixed all water-based paint white, you can get any color you want. Also, do not underestimate the possibility to do a test on the wall to see if the color, once dry, it is to your liking. Otherwise, you can just fix it and you’re done!.