The washing machine is a tool present in most homes: it is very useful and especially fast. But what about the detergent? Since there are many types , especially where it goes and how it put on? Here we go in the steps that follow. Identifying the different categories you can choose which will be best suited to your needs.

Because there are many types of detergents, you must keep in mind all the various techniques to put these in the washing machine. We can distinguish three types of detergents: liquid ones, the compact and those in tablets. Taking into consideration those powders that are the most common ones we can say that they are also the most simple to use: in fact, simply put a scoop full in the middle of the laundry and operate the washing.

As for those liquids, you can still find on the market of washing machines that absorb the liquid detergent from the drawer at the top: it placed on its corresponding binary, guarantees excellent and consistent cleaning of all the laundry. Instead, especially for modern washing machines it is possible to introduce the liquid detergent directly in the drum : in this way will to act on garments without having to make too many paths.


The compact detergents, in contrast, are all those detergents that are inside of the plastic packaging biodegradable : they are convenient in that they have a correct dose for a full load of clothes, and the convenience is also in the fact that not even need get your hands dirty having to put in plastic doses directly into the drum at the end of the wash we realize that there is more in the Package: in fact you will also crumbled and scattered along with the rest of the compound.

Finally, and less widespread, are the detergent tablets that will melt creating a homogeneous compound that will clean all the laundry: their share is slightly lower than that of any liquid or compact, but still reserve a good spot in the ranking . If your laundry is very appropriate then it will put at least two tablets: one tablet is recommended only if the washing machine back half load. The choice of detergent to use it according to your needs and, therefore, for small loads could also be used these tablets. Remember that it is important to use cleaning materials that do not go to attacking the pipes in the washing machine in order to obstruct them.