Healthy living is very essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For that, we should avoid a few bad habits like smoking, drink alcohol, etc. Cigarette companies and their invested parties do not care about you! Your well-being and interests are at the bottom of their priority list. Yet you have put their interests at the very top of yours, even above your health. If you would like to know about Oklahoma medical marijuana laws, you could choose here.

What are their interests?

To make money, and more money, and even more money at whatever cost.

What are your interests?

To live a long, wholesome, happy lifespan? To be around long enough to meet your grandchildren? To be around to see your children or grandchildren graduate college?

These may not be your particular interests. But whatever they are, smoking cigarettes will not in any way, shape or form help you accomplish them. As for the cigarette companies and their invested parties, you are helping them accomplish their goals every day.

By now you know that there are over 4000 chemicals in cigarette smoke. The major cigarette companies have put forward a list of the 599 additives that they use to make their cigarettes. These additives, when burned or heated, produce the over 4000 chemicals that cigarette smoke emits.

We do not know if this list that the cigarette companies have produced is all-inclusive. However, the chemicals listed are enough to make anyone alarmed.

The 12 chemicals shown in the diagram below are chosen and highlighted because of their extremely damning effects, especially when heated. These chemicals are already highly toxic by themselves and become even more deadly when mixed with each other. Especially when heated as they form entirely different dangerous properties when heated. For brief information on medical marijuana laws in the United States, you could learn from here.

Chemical Components of Cigarette Smoke

Of course, cigarettes are not the only source of dangerous hazards affecting our health. There are many others polluting the air we breathe and placed in the foods we eat and the water we drink.

Our vehicles constantly pollute the air and plant manufacturers such as shoe companies emit the dangerous tar in the air every day. Some of the chemicals found in cigarettes are used in medications, vaccines, household products, and even food products.

But let’s say that all these chemicals are in all these products, and are also emitted in the air everyday by vehicular traffic. Plant manufacturers aren’t they already enough to cause major health problems? Why add another totally preventable, hazardous option to ruin our health?

Think about it! Motor vehicles, plant facilities, medications, vaccines, household products, food products, and water supplies contain one or more of the chemicals listed.

Cigarette has all of these chemicals and its smoke produces more chemicals as the cigarette is burned. This makes cigarette smoking the absolute main source of dangerous hazards that causes these diseases such as the most dominant lung cancer to inflict not only its smokers. But claims the lives of non-smoking victims alike.

Choosing not to smoke or quitting smoking is very much doable as this is an individual choice. There is no one else that must be consulted with, in order to make your decision whether to start smoking or not, or quit smoking or not.

You are the sole decision-maker which makes the process much more accomplishable. It is in each of us hands to make this healthy living choice, not just for ourselves, but for our family, friends, and neighbors.

Why can’t lawmakers restrict tobacco industries or place a ban on them?

For those of us proposing that the government should ban cigarette companies from making cigarettes or force them to eliminate these deadly chemicals that will never happen!

Firstly, too many lawmakers are involved with these companies whether directly or indirectly, resulting in a ‘conflict of interest’.

Secondly, the chemicals all seem to work together to lure people to keep wanting more, and to fulfill whatever other need the makers intended them to fulfill.

If you look at this who is who in the tobacco industry list. You will notice that some of these big-name supporters of tobacco have had issues with smoking themselves, some to the point of death. Some have also tried to introduce safer methods of cigarette use to no avail.

If one or a few of them are not in agreement with the chemicals that are being used in cigarettes, or better yet, want to quit being a part of the tobacco industry, the problem would not be solved. The majority of the key players would have to be on board for a full overhaul to take place, and this is very unlikely to happen.

These organizations, like many others, are money-driven and so are the parties with invested interest. They have a lot to lose by changing the way they do things or completely closing their doors.

As individuals, we are unlike them! We have nothing to lose and better health to gain if we stop supporting them. If each of us makes the conscious decision not to smoke or to stop smoking. The cigarette companies will have no choice but to close their doors and you, me, and so many others will have a chance to live a healthier, longer lifespan.

This is the reason I am reaching out to you and not the lawmakers or tobacco makers. Smokers build and enrich these companies, yet smokers’ interests are at the bottom of these companies and invested parties list of priorities.

I have never smoked a day in my life. However, from researches that I have conducted involving people who have successfully quit smoking. I have composed a how to quit smoking for good blog articles with a few tips geared towards helping any smoker to quit smoking. I sincerely hope this helps, and I wish you all the best life has to offer.

Quit smoking today! Take back control of your life! Put yourself first! Invest your hard-earned money in your future, not in the tobacco companies and their invested parties, future!

-Thanks a lot for reading our article – How to quit smoking for good. Hopefully, you read and enjoy it. Have a great day!