You have decided to go on vacation or do some shopping. When you return home, you shocked to find that you have been the victim of a burglary. Do not panic, it is important to keep a cool head. Indeed, there are some steps to take immediately to get compensation. These procedures are by step and prove mandatory for insurance work.

File a complaint at the nearest police station and contact your home insurer

First of all you must go to the police or gendarme . Let them see the break and make an inventory. The damage must be noted when writing the minutes. Do not forget to ask for two copies of the complaint. In fact, you should keep a copy for your own insurer if you are renting. In addition, your homeowners insurance probably has an insurance against theft. If this is the case, you will need to contact your insurer by phone to send a registered letter. You will need to clarify the facts of the burglary and attach the complaint as well as the theft report. In some cases expert sent by the insurance company will check the scene of the burglary.


Using alarms without son

With their installation manual, they are easy to install yourself and it usually takes one hour for installation. Appears when your alarm is in place, you can leave home with peace of mind because the slightest movement or burglary suspect in the apartment, an audible alarm sounds, and you are immediately notified on your mobile phone and your loved ones by the same way. To turn your alarm system, simply use your remote control that allows you to manage the entire system.

Multiple options for alarms

According to their price, several options may be available more or less restricted. Thus, you can most intrusion detection, be aware of a departure for free but also water damage. The plants can integrate an LCD or LED display. Some more sophisticated systems even have PANIC buttons if you feel unwell, send a signal to your loved ones. Many alarms are almost unassailable and in an attempt jamming or cutting telephone line, according to alarm you can receive a signal.