A rustic old (although it may require works of restoration and finishing ) might have kept in optimal time paving, allowing you to replace parts of bricks or tiles without replacing damaged completely the original flooring . Follow this guide to find out how you can retrieve the floor of a rustic and thus save on the costs of restoration (which if complete, you have undoubtedly expensive).

The operations of restoration more complex, certainly affect the flooring formed in wood. This fact, though they can easily be retrieved with works by remaking appropriate, the user is required the intervention of experts in the field (be able to clean the floors and replace small or large portions of wood, otherwise hardly restartable due to the characteristics of the parquet).


The terracotta floor, you can easily recover without temperamental (with which they proceeded in the past to reduce the irregularities). Today, you can return it to its natural beauty cooked with small and simple things, or with the help of wax polish. The same thing can be applied to floors made ​​with stoneware or tile grout (replacing the first old tiles with new ones and the same, and performing a thorough cleaning with oils specially made).

The realization of grouting on cooked, should be made ​​preferably by an expert in the building sector. The latter, will be able to recover any crumbling of cooked while improving the appearance of the flooring. If some additional room has a rustic flooring similar or identical to the floor to be restored, it may be useful to use some parts of the floor in good condition (to replace the most worn floor).

The stone floors finally, may be cleaned using water and aid of acid (in order to remove any old stains and resistant). After you have carried out a thorough cleaning therefore, you can use the appropriate products (e.g. wax), readily available from a common hardware store or a mall. These products allow you to waterproof the floor and make it shiny and protected.