The kitchen is the place of the house where they produce many wastes especially in a large family . Giving for granted that you make the separate collection of large part of them, it is also important recycle directly and without channel it in special containers to be allocated to industrial composting . Here in this guide are some tips on how to recycle your kitchen waste .

Everything what we daily we use across kitchen can be recycled in a manner useful and efficient. So let’s start from the leftover food in the dishes. Collect this pasta, rice, meat and anything edible, to achieve the mash to rest in a bowl to feed birds in search of food that roam our cities and in wooded gardens.

Vegetable scraps, vegetables, fruits, potatoes, apples, pears and so on. can be recycled to achieve exceptional organic fertilizers natural to be placed on cultivated land to enrich them with nutrients and with substantial benefits for crops such as eggplant, zucchini and cauliflower. The oils from fried food or canned food can be recycled by using them (after being filtered through a sieve) as natural lubricants to be included in hatches conveying storm water or for the barbecue as aggregates flammable .


The kitchen waste often become significant even without their consumption, because it can happen to open a bag of milk a long shelf life and forget it on the table open instead of storing it in the fridge as a rule. Well, the milk in contact with the external environment becomes acid and this, at the beginning, can be of great utility for realize of yogurt natural. The acidity prolonged however does not allow the manipulation, but can be useful as a descale r for the WC; fact being acid and especially viscous tends to hygienically and slowly dissolve limestone or accumulated dirt just like a normal detergent gel.

The bread if you decide to feed it to the birds or take a feed for chickens can (once you become hard), being crushed in a clean cloth with a hammer, then go put it in the blender making excellent bread crumbs for topping vegetables and meats Finally the water, so precious can return useful after washing the dishes to pour it into the water with all detergents or one that is advanced into the bottle, can be used to water the plants on the terrace or in the garden. Kitchen waste, especially organic ones can then be recycled for multiple uses and at the same time we avoid adding them to specific containers for paper, plastic and glass, and avoid especially in summer the spread of flies attracted smells.