In this guide I will explain how to remodel the bathroom for an elderly person, in order to make useful changes such as non-slip flooring, doors and shower and toilet broader ad hoc. A bathroom remodeled for the elderly must also provide space for easy access and maneuverability of any chair on wheels.

Install the first thing a toilet seat higher to make its use more convenient. The ideal height is 50 cm from the floor. The standard models are built instead and Older with 5 cm less. Then install a non-slip floor, very important to reduce the chance fall. These floors are made ​​with special tiles that increase the friction between them and the foot. Entrusted to a specialized center in the industry, you will be able to best advise on the most suitable type.


Expand, if possible, the access door to the bathroom, so as to facilitate the entry of a wheelchair or walker. If space allows, you might consider installing a pocket door to allow easier operation and to gain width in the wall. Then install a shower stall or bathtub specific for elderly or disabled people. A shower enclosure is ideal for example for a wheelchair individual, as it allows easy access and comfortable movements. A cabin instead made ​​to system bathtub has a door built on the side which eliminates the need to climb over the side of the bath with the legs, and is therefore very convenient and functional.

Increase as much as possible the surface of the bath to facilitate the mobility of the elderly and avoid getting hurt bumping into objects or furniture not indispensable Save space by introducing shelving and equipping the furniture of pocket doors. Replace lockers are equipped with washbasins door pillar Another operation should not forget is to fix the provided handles close to toilets, bathtubs and showers They allow in a very effective way to increase security by providing help and support robust for all people who have difficulty in standing long or get up from sun lamps endow finally the room very bright, especially in the presence of a person with difficulties related to the eye.