Carpets are a nice complement to the furniture, and colors to decorate any room with elegance and warm, to give a touch of both the living and the bedrooms. Carpet is also water, vinegar and soap, which is specific for dry cleaning with foam detergents, the washing time will be required, through the use of the vacuum cleaner must be cleaned daily routine. It eventually stain onto the carpet, paint poured occur. The best thing would be to remove them in a timely manner, but in this case, it may not be possible for several reasons. However, do not just check for the presence of spots of paint on the carpet, we will remove them. let’s see how to remove dried paint from the carpet in the house.


The color of the stain is fresh, then dab it with a paper towel several times with a swab soaked in ACETONE to clean the carpet fabric, but will need to avoid rubbing. Finally, a little water, use soap and water with a brush and rinse with a rag soaked in vinegar. Paint is dry, and it has dried, but now, if we have to resort to other methods. We need to remove the bulk of the paint by mechanical methods.

Eggplant is a coarse-grained, fine-grained, and that, by practicing light circular movements, apply pressure to a small isolated piece of carpet colors. After the removal of color, use this time to continue with the operation, fine particles of eggplant, then brush vigorously. For a few minutes, after performing these two operations, spots or stains, they will be almost gone, but perhaps some remnants persist and little cycle, so we have to implement other remedies, and may need to arm themselves with a good dose of patience.

ACETONE nail with a small amount and will receive, the product (may affect attention to the color of the carpet in some cases) will be dissolved in the solvent quickly because, again, without friction, to wet a cotton ball. Once this is done, we have a few tablespoons of soap for wool (so mild soap) in warm water with a detergent-based, vinegar (half a cup per gallon of water) to be prepared.