Whether in stoneware, terracotta or marble, each floor accumulates dust deposits . The methods to eliminate dust are, more or less common to all floors. Then there are the secrets of cleaning that are delaying the deposition. Of course, it is important to ensure that the powder is moved from point to point but removed. Here’s how to remove dust from home.

remove dust

The cleaning of the floor should be daily, or almost. More frequently clean it lower the amount of dust to be eliminated.
We can use some useful tools. The old and timeless broom , economic and useful. Sweeps away the dust, but also moves it from one point to another of the floor. Failing all else, preferring an antistatic. A microfibre cloth will allow a more thorough cleaning, it will capture dust. The electric broom or vacuum cleaner, finally, who can suck up dust. Captured definitively, the fluffier only when stereotype bag.

Some other expedient will prevent deposits of dust after cleaning of the floor. Sprinkle before sweeping the floor, in this way not we lift again dust, which inevitably will come on the floor. Sprinkle using the cloths microfiber that capture the dust. You can also use of specific products with the same function, will simplify your work. As an alternative to micro-fiber cloth, you can also use a more ancient. Remove dust with a damp cloth and then wipe the cabinet. Remember to sprinkle starting from the top floor to finish with cleaning the floor.

Each floor will be washed and treated in an appropriate manner. Be it wood, marble, ceramic or plastic materials, you will find the right product on the market. The final washing will remove the last remaining dust and stains on the floor. The best cleaning is the one with the wet rag. Glaciate mop aside and go back to washing the old way.

The floors in wood require cleaning particularly delicate. It would be appropriate to use a microfibre cloth or a soft brush to remove dust. Also a good broom wool will be just fine. The washing will be carried out with plain water. You can also pour a little bleach in the water bucket. For stoneware need a common detergent . For linoleum, instead, the best solution will be a cap of Marseille soap, dissolved in water. With these methods you will be sure to remove residual dust. The washing with suitable products, also, will delay the new dust deposits.