Often presents itself in a subtle and silent, or greenish with black spots that are starting to make their appearance between the tiles that cover the bath, the white walls of the kitchen and into any room with high humidity is so that mold has taken its course, turning quickly, in real infestations. Apart from the obvious unsightly appearance, should not be neglected even health risks. The spores that thrive in these conditions, in fact, if inhaled, can cause allergies or immune system problems and respiratory systems. However, remove the mold from the walls is not an impossible task. Just arm yourself with the appropriate tools, as well as a good dose of patience and consistency in their actions.


The first step to make life difficult for the mold and its root on walls and ceilings, is the adoption of appropriate preventive measures. Since this fungus feeds on organic materials and thrives especially in humid environments, adequate cleaning daily, combined with a good ventilation of the premises, it is practically indispensable. Therefore, it is always advisable to check the functioning of the hood in the kitchen, while, in the bathroom, you may want to consider installing a fan, especially if there are no windows in the room. On the contrary, talking about behavior “at risk”, it is not advisable to dry clothes in your home, keep an excessive number of plants in the home or go overboard with their watering.

If the mold is now part of one’s daily life, prevention is no longer sufficient. So, it is time to go on the attack: although many prefer to take bleach or harsh detergents, it is possible to build a do-it-yourself solution just as effective, composed exclusively of natural ingredients and are easy to find. What you need is, in fact, in a glass of hot water, half a cup of vinegar with white wine, a spoonful of baking soda and a tablespoon of juice of lemon. These ingredients are mixed together in a spray bottle, shake well before use to.

Before taking action, it is good to take the right safety precautions by wearing gloves and protective mask. At this point, you can simply spray the mixture directly onto the previously mildew stains, and then wait about an hour for it to conclude its antibacterial and soothing. After this period of time, just pass a soft cloth on the affected area to remove the fouling, which now will be softened and less tenacious. For stubborn areas, can be effective to arm yourself with an old toothbrush, to rub on the spots of mold until complete removal.