The washing machine is one of the appliances that you cannot do without. Your help is essential, but equally important is the need to keep it always efficient, clean and in perfect condition to ensure our clothing and linen for the house to be perfectly clean and fragrant. Sometimes, the poor maintenance of the washing machine can cause great discomfort. One among many is the bad smell of mold . In this guide we will cover how to remove the odor in a simple and effective .

The cause of the odor is caused by the presence of mold that is created around the seal at the points where it is very difficult to get even if you always keep the machine clean. The mold is created due to the improper use of detergent. Some people think that adding more detergent in the pan, the more will be the final clean linen. It does not. Quite the contrary, an excessive use of detergents causes the opposite effect, creating mounds in the most difficult to reach and, gradually, giving rise to mold.


To overcome this inconvenience must use a more accurate method, first choosing the best detergents, possibly in capsules that already provide the right dosage, avoid fabric softeners (if not always in capsules) and powder detergents that are more difficult to dissolve completely. Another factor that causes the birth of mold is the exclusive and continuous use of cold water. Try to alternate washings with cold water and those with hot water to kill any bacteria at high temperatures.

Another way to prevent the formation of bacteria is the monthly maintenance of the washing machine Just simply start a wash load (without detergent or linen) exclusively with a liter of white vinegar. The washing must be made ​​not less than 90 degrees and will need to ensure that the water reaches a certain level looking porthole In case your washing machine was in class A+ is needed to add a couple of liters of water from the tray so as to ensure thorough rinsing deeper Finally, always remember that at the end of each wash, leave the door open so as to allow complete drying of the interior of the washing machine was only after a couple of hours you can close the door.